What ORCA includes


Cyclonic tank

Aircraft grade aluminum
Height = 1.99 m (shipping)

Width = 1.97 m

Weight = 590 kg

When using the bottom gate valve, minimum working height is 2.18 m. Extending the legs fully to a 1.38 m clearance is needed to fill barrels and clear obstacles.

Power Pack

The 116 HP diesel-driven hydraulic power pack is stored inside the ORCA’s tank for shipping and transport.

Universal Hatch Cover

An aluminum adapter is used to couple the ORCA to a vessel’s tank by using the tank openings. Fits all openings.

Suction hoses

Lightweight, flexible hose sections are provided in lengths of 3 m x 30 cm (or 38 cm) hose with couplings.

See specifications for more details about dimensions and weights.


See the ORCA in action

How it works, why it is better, and what it includes.

Video presentation


Evoikos 28,000 tonne oil spill:

“…The only unit that continued working successfully was our Orca induction unit…”

Read the full article.

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