For investors looking to start or add to their green portfolios, the ORCA is a truly worthwhile opportunity to further develop and market technology to help maintain and preserve the world’s marine environments.



The ORCA is not a start-up and has been self-financed through a two year R&D phase. Four units have been sold with one unit available in the U.S. West Coast as a demonstration model for prospective clients.


The ORCA project is looking for investors and/or partners who want to contribute to the health of our planet’s oceans, lakes and waterways, their aquatic inhabitants,
and the people who use them.


The investment is for the further development and marketing of the ORCA, an award-winning technology that has already been produced, sold and used successfully.


‘For those living on the coasts, a mere walk on the beach can give anyone insight into how staggering our addiction to plastic has become as well as the floating debris
that plagues the oceansand beaches.’ (*1


The ORCA was initially developed, tested and sold to clean up oil spills. However, during its development period by adding many innovative features, it became clear
that its unique “cyclonic” design is ideal for many other critical – and growing — environmental issues today such as deadly floating plastic and debris as well as invasive algae.


The ORCA technology has been vetted by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) as well as Lloyds Register Type Approval.


Going forward, the project needs a partner/investor who is already involved in the defense of the environment or has a mandate to promote environmental projects.


The ORCA’s key feature is its unique “cyclonic” design, which enables it to remove anything from crude oil to floating debris without clogging – a distinct functional and competitive advantage over existing pump-dependent equipment that clog frequently.



A brief on what the ORCA looks like and what it is all about: (5 minute video on the website



The ORCA is what the environment needs with its multi-purpose functions that cover the removal of deadly floating plastic as well as algae causing irreparable damage
to the oceans, lakes and beaches.



National Geographic Magazine April ’17 issue:


“As the climate warms, toxic algae blooms are proliferating worldwide—from eastern China, which has seen some of the largest algae blooms on Earth,
to the American West, where sludge covering almost the entire surface of Lake Utah is raising questions about the safety of fruits and vegetables irrigated
with algae-infested water.” It is also serious health risk in places like Florida, where some algae emit poisonous fumes.
“We’ve never seen algae so thick. You can see it from space”. (National Geographic quote from article by Laura Parker)





The ORCA unit can be more effective and fast compared to the manual method of collecting and removing such pollutants from the oceans and beaches.


The ORCA is capable of removing floating Algae polluting the Great Lakes as well as Sargassum impacting the beaches of Mexico, Sea Lettuce in Jersey Island,
along with numerous other regions of the world.


Key advantages of the ORCA


The ORCA is a marine and land environmental cleanup machine, is self-sustained, and stand-alone once it is at a work-site providing clear advantages over other
equipment used in waste recovery.


•           It is virtually clog-proof, pulling oil, tar balls, floating plastic, debris straight up its hose and directly into a receiving tank, without passing through any machinery.

•           Its Universal Hatch Cover TM enables the ORCA to handle large volumes without frequent and costly stops to empty and replace receiving tanks.

•           The ORCA is fast: it can lift a 62lb (28k) bag of sludge 100ft (30m) vertically in four seconds.

•           The ORCA is able to retrieve 500 to 1,600 barrels per hour depending on the type of oil and prevailing weather conditions.


•           The ORCA is a self-contained unit, with a power pack that fits inside its cylindrical “belly” for compact transport by boat, truck or helicopter.





The ORCA comes with its own hydraulic power pack, a winch to raise and lower a floatation device, its own Cyclonic Cylindrical tank for collecting up to 30 cubic feet
(0.85 cubic m) of waste material, however more interesting is the Universal Hatch CoverTM that enables the ORCA to transfer the product into a containment tank or container with as little as 3-4 PSI.

There is no machinery between the intake hose and the containment unit making it a clean, virtually impossible to clog or jam as other existing skimmers do,
causing a lot of down time.


Although stated above it is worth emphasizing that the ORCA was tested and certified by ABS as well as Lloyds Register Type Approval. The ORCA has been
used successfully in an oil spillpraised by the user as being better than the Desmi 250, the workhorse of the industry. Certified to lift various liquids and solids
to a height of 30m (approx. 100ft): Water (heavier than oil) 200 litres 3 seconds over 30m, sludge in bags 28 kilos (62lbs) 4 seconds, Loose Scale 30 cubic feet
in 10 seconds.


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