Darrell Wilson Ex U.S. Coast Guard Chief of 21 years and current President of MTI Network USA  June 2015 : ” I watched your video and I must say that I was very impressed.  During my Coast Guard career and almost 10 years with MTI Network, I have been around a lot of spills and cleanup operations and I know how difficult the equipment can be. To watch it work showed what good, thoughtful engineering can accomplish. Watching the ORCA in action was impressive.”

-From OES/ProLog Inc July 2015: “We feel that your technology can become a mainstay within the market place.  As we stated in our call, the technology may have been ahead of its time 15+ years ago, but now it would appear that THIS IS THE TIME to truly work toward offering this as a versatile, highly effective, low cost solution for many years to come.”

- 25 years later in the BP- Deepwater Horizon disaster, we have been told that even adding cutting knives didn’t solve the problem of clogging and jamming, as kelp and seaweed soaked in oil make the cutting knives inoperableIn the area of oil spill recovery technology there hasn’t been any real innovation over the years, that continue to plague the oil recovery industry ! A wake up call to the industry is needed to acknowledge what has been stated for decades, that the existing technology being applied to oil spill still lacks efficient functionality.