Oil Recovery

Oil spills demand quick and reliable response times, and that’s where the ORCA excels. It is the first truly portable rapid oil recovery system, and as a result the ORCA can be onboard, ready to meet an emergency faster than any other equipment. The system is self-contained, with its power pack fitting INSIDE for compact shipping and storage.

It can extract almost any material – and that includes liquids, solid objects, seaweed and nets — quickly and without clogging because there are no pumps, impellers, pistons or augers to impede the flow through the hose. In a large spill, oil can be transferred directly into any available tank, barge hold or other vessel of opportunity WITHOUT passing through the ORCA itself, thanks to its Universal Hatch Cover™.

The ORCA could be the single most important element of your vessel response plan under OPA ’90. It is not just for tanker owners, but for actual Oil Spill Response Contractors (OSRC’s) and Cooperatives as well.

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